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Seasonally Rotating Your Curated Closet

I am a firm believer, that we all should fall in love with our wardrobes over and over again as each new season passes. With endless trends, it can often feel like we have to get a whole new closet every couple of weeks and this can be extremely exhausting and disappointing. Taking a peek into your closet at the beginning of a new season should be a stress-free activity that brings fresh creativity and excitement for what it has to offer. So where does one begin? I have created a few easy steps to help you to transition your wardrobe with each new season. These steps should make this transition simple and fun.

Step 1. Repair before packing away your closet. When a season is coming to an end, before you pack away items that no longer work in the upcoming season, make sure to repair and properly clean everything. There is nothing more discouraging than unpacking clothing for the new season we are about to embark on, only to have the burden of repairing and dry cleaning. Before I pack up my clothes I make sure to repair any broken items or send them to get repaired. This includes shoes and jewelry. You will be thanking past you when Fall/winter rolls around and you get to immediately enjoy your past favourites with no stress. Having your shoes and clothing in their best shape also helps you to better appreciate what you have.

Step 2. Declutter! Try not to pack away anything you no longer love. The end of a season is the perfect time to take stock of your past seasons closet and discard/donate/sell unwanted items. Since that season has just passed it is the perfect time to look over what you did not wear and determine if this was because they no longer have a place in your wardrobe. Feeling good about your closet means ridding it of unwanted items. Having a vision for what you want in your current closet is best done when your closet is clear of anything that does not reflect your current state of mind.

Step 3. Take a moment to cherish what you have. Stop and idolize your wardrobe in its current state! Touch some of your favourite items and remind yourself why you love them. What made your purchase them in the first place? This step is eminently important, because it will help you with fomo, boredom shopping and trend crazes over things you won’t love next season. Your current wardrobe should reflect what you truly love, and this step should take the pressure off you to shop for more items.

Step 4. Once your current season wardrobe is unpacked and the off-season stuff is out of the way, it is time to plan for the next couple of months. This is the fun part! I start by creating a vision board, on either Pinterest or archived photos on Instagram. You can check out my vision board on Pinterest through this link. The vision board is where you create an image of what you want your energy to look like! Ask yourself, what are your goals and what activities will you be doing over the next few months? What outfits will help you achieve those goals? Will this help you develop more confidence in your day to day life? Try not to limit yourself to specific items, flexibility is key in not having to purchase a lot of get your vision. I look for more colours, lines and energy when creating my board. I also try to base the images off of pieces that I already own, so I can build off the closet I already have instead of having to buy all new items. This will also give you more varieties to mix and match with your favourite pieces.

Step 5. Once your vision board is in place, you can also make a list of 5 or so absolute must haves. Try to make this as general as possible i.e. black toque or combat boots. That way you are not limited to any specific brand or style, which will make the next couple steps easier when making a curated, ethically sustainable closet.

Step 6. SHOP SECOND HAND! This step is huge for me and it makes up a huge portion of my “seasonal shopping”. Second hand shopping is one of the best things you and your closet can do for the environment. And honestly, your wallet will thank you. There is almost never a lack of coats, blazers, sweaters and boots at any thrift stores. Knits and coats are my absolute favourite thing to get preloved or consigned. When heading into any shop, have your “must have” list as well as your vision board on hand. This will help you to stay on task when picking new items. You should only have room in your basket for items that suit your current wardrobe goals.

Step 7. Reserve the first couple of weeks of each new season, as your “hunting” period. This will save you time and money with boredom shopping. Remind yourself that you have everything you need because you got it in that period. Only buy something outside of this period if it is an unexpected need or an absolute dream item you have had on your radar for ages. Any other “wants” that are NEEDED, can be requested as gifts from family members. This is the perfect time to ask for gifts that you truly want and love. By explaining to close friends and family about your goal of a strictly curated closet, you will avoid unwanted gifts that only turn into clutter.

Step 8. I know that creating a curated closet can be difficult at times. With shopping at our fingertips, the pressure to keep your style “up to date” can make continual shopping the easier route. I hope these steps will help you to adore what you have and feel good in what you wear. As each season passes this thought process will come more naturally and soon you won’t even have to think about it. So, step number 8 is repeat. If you want to truly love your wardrobe, you need to maintain this mentality with each passing season. See your closets potential, and there is no looking back.

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