The Why

What is this all about? 

  In 2018 I set out to better understand the fashion industry, and it became the most gratifying and worthwhile choices I have made. I have always been an admirer of clothing as an art form and have found great joy in my style journey. However, after an eye-opening trip to South-East Asia, my global views started to become considerably more significant. My goal after coming home, was to put my thinking into action and better understand the fashion industry. I started to see the hearts of the individuals all the way down the supply chain, and I didn’t like what I was coming to understand about the mainstream side of this industry.


Over the last 2 years, I have explored everything I could about; garment workers, human rights, inclusion, textiles, waste and the modelling industry and there is still plenty more for me to learn.

Civic Styles will always be a place of open conversation, that is focused on not placing blame but instead connecting us better as humans. I believe in using all of my power to create a transparent space, that praises others for there efforts to improve the fashion industry. Transparency to encourage others to embrace their more genuine selves is very important. I hope to encourage you to bring forth your most authentic selves and embrace whatever your fashion journey looks like. Another main focus of mine is to empower people to use their privileges to help strengthen everyone around them and the unseen people we indirectly effect. Fashion needs to be a space in our society that liberates all parties involved. 

Giving new life to pre-loved, vintage and upcycled items is also one of my passions and where I’ll be spending a great deal of time.  I am so excited to extend Civic Styles beyond just a blog. I am happy to also be offering a place to shop for pre-loved pieces with character, that I have curated with love. With all that said, Civic Styles has a lot of growing left to do this year and I hope we can all help to make this community better together. 

Let's cherish fashion for all the love it gives us, and no longer take for granted the amazing people and planet that make it possible. 

Xo. Ty 


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