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What Can Be Expected From Sizing?

The general sizing standards in mainstream fashion are kind of a hot mess. As many of us know, what we can expect from sizing from store to store is hardly streamed lined and trustworthy. When making decisions on size descriptions on Civic Styles, I wanted to make it as inclusive as I could. Because everything on Civic Styles is pre-loved and a collection of completely different brands, from different eras it is not easy making a streamline size chart.

Although most of the clothing on Civic Styles is from the “Woman’s” section, it is not exclusive to any gender. Measurements speak best to how something is going to fit on your individual body, so I include measures for all items listed to give you an idea of what to except. Number sizes are included for a good general sense.

Lastly, I am a one-woman operation. That means that I model all the clothing on my body. I have listed my general sizing, so if you see an item listed as a larger size than that, it most likely means I have pinned the item back, to photograph it. Whatever size is listed with an item, is the true fit and measurement.

With the nature of Civic Styles, everything is final sale, so if you are unsure about sizing, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at Contact.civicstyles@gmail.com

What Can Be Expected From Shipping

I run every aspect of Civic Styles solo (with a little help from my amazing boyfriend, Sean). There is a lot of steps that are needed to ensure that I can produce the most amazing items, blogs, features and feeds for you. For that reason, there is not expedited shipping.

Canda + USA is flat rate of $15 CAD

International is a flat rate of $18 CAD

Free shipping anywhere, after you spent $100CAD

Once you have placed an order you will get a confirmation email. Within 48 hours after that you should get an email that includes a tracking number and your item(s) have shipped!!

All shipments should be expected within 7-10 business days, after receiving your tracking number. If there is any unforeseen delays, that will be stated in your tracking email, so please look other the whole email, when you receive it.

Civic Styles is not responsible for any customs or duty fees that may apply upon delivery.

Civic Styles is not responsible for lost items.

If you have any questions concerning shipping, please shoot me an email at Contact.civicstyles@gmail.com

What Can Be Expected From Local Pick-up?

Hey Neighbour!

This is for my local humans. Civic Styles offers free local pick-up to anyone in the Calgary area. By using the Promo Code IMLOCAL. This code will waive all shipping charges at check-out. Once you have placed your order, you will get a confirmation email. You will then get a personal email, giving you a couple of time windows that you can arrange a pick-up. There is two addresses you will also receive, that you can choose from for your pick-up (both locations are downtown Calgary).

Local Pick-up should be arranged within a 7-day period. If there is any unforeseen delays, they will be stated in your arrangement email, so please look over the whole email when you receive it.

If you have any questions concerning Local Pick-up, please shoot me an email at Contact.civicstyles@gmail.com

What Can Be Expected From Quality?

Everything in the Civic Styles Shop is Pre-loved or Vintage. This means that someone else played dress-up in the items before I curated them. What does this mean for quality?

I spend a few hours a week curating clothing to add to the site and take into consideration quality over everything. Although very light wear can be expected, there should be no obvious damage, stains, piling or discolouration to any items. If there is any minor wear that is showing, it will be stated in the items description and reflected in the price of the item.

I collect mostly vintage items made between 1960 to 1999, however there is also pre-loved items, made between 2000 to 2019 in the shop. At the beginning of all descriptions it is stated whether the item is pre-loved or vintage.

Quality is still super important in pre-loved items. With fast fashion on the rise over the last 20 years new items can really lack quality. All pre-loved items collected are held to the same high quality standard.

When Can You Expect New Inventory

Be the first to know when new items are added to the shop by joining the Civic Styles emailing list, at the bottom of this page. (No non-stop annoying emails... I PROMISE) Civic Styles Shop is still fairly new so the schedule for new items is still in the works. As of September 2019, there should be two fresh hauls a month.

What Can You Expect in the Future?

Shopping on Civicstyles is still in its infancy and has a great deal of growth ahead. There is also a lot of new things coming from the blog side of Civic Styles. I appreciate your support more than I could express through writing. I am so excited to continue growing this platform with you.

If there is anything you would like to see more of in store or blog, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can email me at Contact.civicstyles@gmail.com or DM me through Instagram @civicstyles

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